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Bioresonance Therapy (BRT): Activating Immune Response and Cellular Self-Healing


Bioresonance therapy is a non-invasive, entirely safe, and effective treatment suitable for individuals of all ages, including babies, children, adults, and the elderly. It aims to restore homeostasis and coherence among cells by fostering healthy electromagnetic communication within the body.

Rooted in the principles of acupuncture, homeopathy, and quantum physics, bioresonance therapy emerges as a biophysical approach towards enhancing overall body wellness. Originating from the collaborative efforts at Moscow's IMEDIS Center and scientifically validated by Franz Morell in 1977, this therapy marks a noteworthy convergence of natural quantum medical practices and biophysical principles.

Bioresonance diagnostics of NLS

Nonlinear Diagnostics (NLS) employs quantum computer nonlinear analysis for an exhaustive examination of the entire organism.

Utilizing bioinducers and cutting-edge technology within a specially engineered hardware-software system, NLS enables the capture of bioelectrical activity from the brain's spins (values of angular impulses). Through this process, it identifies, amplifies, and interprets signals, unveiling invaluable information encapsulated within them.

This data unveils the extent, severity, and functional alterations within the organism, essentially providing an in-depth scan across all organ systems.

Today, the market offers a variety of bioresonance therapy devices, albeit with varying levels of effectiveness. I personally utilize two superior quality Russian devices, IMEDIS and METAPATHIA, to ensure optimal results.

META-BRT facilitated through the Russian Metapathia Metatron Hunter device

IMEDIS-BRT facilitated through the Russian IMEDIS device

Each session spans 20-30 minutes. Pricing details are as follows:

1 treatment + BRT globules or drops: €50

10 treatments + BRT globules or drops: €350 (reflecting a 30% discount)

20 treatments + BRT globules or drops: €600 (reflecting a 40% discount)

This pricing structure offers a cost-effective way to access quality bioresonance therapy while benefiting from the accompanying BRT globules or drops.

I utilize three premium devices:

Biophilia 3X Tracker

Metatron Metapathia


Through these devices, we are able to offer four distinct types of examinations:

NLS Metapathia Bioresonance Diagnostics - Comprehensive scan encompassing the entire organism and all organs, lasting approximately 40 minutes. Price: €100.

NLS Metapathia Bioresonance Diagnostics - Detailed DNA and chromosome scan, taking about 40 minutes. Price: €100.

NLS Metapathia Bioresonance Diagnostics - Extensive body scan paired with DNA analysis, with a duration of about one and a half hours. Price: €150.

Each examination provides insightful information aimed at promoting holistic understanding and proactive healthcare management.

Transpersonal Psychology,

Natural Medicine, Healing

Art, Spirituality

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