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Healing is a holistic journey toward restoring physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. This journey can encompass various modalities, including natural and energy medicine, meditation, yoga, and spiritual practices. The benefits of such healing paths encompass stress reduction, enhanced pain management, uplifted quality of life, revitalized energy, bolstered immunity, and a profound connection with oneself and the surrounding world.

Through angelic and theta healing, there's a transformative shift in our perception of reality. We begin to view the world through a renewed lens, interpreting people and situations with a fresh perspective. Even when faced with familiar challenges, our reactions evolve – the once overwhelming feelings of anxiety, tension, and nervousness give way to calmness and composure.

Such healing fosters an overarching sense of harmony and balance, empowering individuals to embrace healthier and more enriched lives. In my practice, I specialize in three key techniques:

Theta Healing

Uncovering Limiting

Beliefs and Emotions

that Hold Us Back

Theta healing is a meditative technique anchored in the energy of Love, utilizing focused prayer and intention to bring about benefits across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

Physically, by eradicating the negative paradigms we operate within, we address the root causes of issues, enhancing our overall health.

Emotionally, aids in releasing suppressed emotions, promoting emotional healing and stability.

Mentally, cultivates a clearer and sharper mind, improving focus and decision-making.

Spiritually, amplifies intuitive abilities, enhancing spiritual growth and understanding.

Theta healing empowers individuals to assume responsibility for their own life journeys, reducing tendencies to fault others for ailments or current circumstances.

Theta healing unlocks profound inner transformation and healing, teaching us to identify and let go of deep-rooted fears, blockages, and restrictive beliefs. This journey empowers us to embrace lives of greater fulfillment and purpose, steering us towards unparalleled personal liberty aligned with our core values and aspirations. Moreover, Theta healing enhances our interpersonal connections, as inner peace fosters the ability to form supportive, healthy relationships. Essentially, Theta healing serves as a conduit to not just wellness, but profound inner contentment and tranquility.

Each 60-minute healing session initiates with a dialogue. Here, Conny aids clients in articulating emotions, identifying core beliefs, and pinpointing thought patterns through intuitive readings. This is followed by an energetic treatment, where Conny focuses on mending and transmuting any misaligned beliefs, emotional barriers, subconscious energy blockages, and potential illness triggers.

Price: €80.

Angel-Fairy Healing

Igniting the Inner Light:

Journeying Towards Inner

Harmony and Revitalized Energy

Explore the enchantment of angelic-fairy healing, an extraordinary meditative journey that immerses you in the energy of Love, forging deep connections with angels and fairies. This spiritual practice merges angelic power with fairy enchantment, delivering a multidimensional healing experience. Ideal for fairy tale therapy or standalone use, it unlocks a realm of inner wisdom, enveloping you in love and harmony. Embrace this remarkable path of self-discovery and transformation.

Spiritual Serenity and Guidance: The angelic dimension of this technique envelops you in tranquility and safeguarding, opening pathways to spiritual clarity and peace. It aids in navigating life's journey, fostering spiritual equilibrium.

Emotional Freedom and Balance: The fairy essence infuses your spirit with joy, buoyancy, and nature's intimacy. This harmonious blend of angelic and fairy energies dissolves emotional barriers and stress, nurturing emotional well-being.

Intuitive and Creative Awakening: This healing practice enhances intuition and creativity, connecting you with your inner wisdom and the natural world. It unlocks innovative solutions and insightful decision-making.

Journey of Self-Discovery: Angelic-fairy healing offers insights into your essence and universal role, guiding you towards realizing your life's purpose, surmounting challenges, and deepening your cosmic connection for a richer existence.

Sessions begin with a heart-to-heart, led by Conny, to voice emotions and uncover personal truths.

Embark on a soulful quest with angelic-fairy healing, transforming your life into an odyssey of love, peace, and divine harmony. This journey invites you to a magical convergence of the mundane and the sacred, charting a transcendent healing course.

Price: €80

Integration Technique

Embracing and Transforming Your Emotions, Thoughts, Traumas, and Behavioral Patterns

The integration technique emerges from Goran Karna's three decades of self-exploration, blending spiritual and healing practices, psychology, philosophy, and extensive therapeutic client work. This approach embodies a comprehensive synthesis of profound insights and hands-on knowledge, honed through years of dedicated research and personal growth.

It is based on four pillars:

1. Body's Innate Wisdom

Our body is a vast repository of knowledge, storing every memory, feeling, and trauma. It holds the secrets to comprehensive healing—emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Engaging deeply with our body, we unlock a profound connection to our essence, bolstering self-confidence and self-worth.

2. Embracing Acceptance

Embracing our emotions and life's hurdles transforms them into higher energies. True acceptance starts when we cease to resist negative experiences and welcome them with gratitude, leading to immediate freedom.

3. The Healing Journey

This approach facilitates swift, spontaneous healing across all dimensions of our being. Suppressed emotions are alchemized into positive feelings and virtues, fostering health, balance, harmony, and creativity.

4. Growth Through Challenge

Life's challenges are catalysts for personal evolution and vibrational uplift. Recognizing and embracing the lessons they bring catalyzes a shift in consciousness, transitioning us from fear to a state of love, creativity, and joy, enhancing daily life efficacy.

This technique offers a straightforward, accessible path to self-improvement and aiding others, aiming for a life in tune with our true essence and the universe. Its goal is to foster a harmonious existence and heal our authentic selves fully.

Price: €80.

Transpersonal Psychology,

Natural Medicine, Healing

Art, Spirituality

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