Healing is a holistic journey toward restoring physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. This journey can encompass various modalities, including natural and energy medicine, meditation, yoga, and spiritual practices. The benefits of such healing paths encompass stress reduction, enhanced pain management, uplifted quality of life, revitalized energy, bolstered immunity, and a profound connection with oneself and the surrounding world.

Through angelic and theta healing, there's a transformative shift in our perception of reality. We begin to view the world through a renewed lens, interpreting people and situations with a fresh perspective. Even when faced with familiar challenges, our reactions evolve – the once overwhelming feelings of anxiety, tension, and nervousness give way to calmness and composure.

Such healing fosters an overarching sense of harmony and balance, empowering individuals to embrace healthier and more enriched lives. In my practice, I specialize in two key techniques:

Theta Healing

Uncovering Limiting Beliefs and Emotions

that Hold Us Back

Theta healing is a meditative technique anchored in the energy of Love, utilizing focused prayer and intention to bring about benefits across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

Physically, by eradicating the negative paradigms we operate within, we address the root causes of issues, enhancing our overall health.

Emotionally, aids in releasing suppressed emotions, promoting emotional healing and stability.

Mentally, cultivates a clearer and sharper mind, improving focus and decision-making.

Spiritually, amplifies intuitive abilities, enhancing spiritual growth and understanding.

Theta healing empowers individuals to assume responsibility for their own life journeys, reducing tendencies to fault others for ailments or current circumstances.

Each 60-minute healing session initiates with a dialogue. Here, Conny aids clients in articulating emotions, identifying core beliefs, and pinpointing thought patterns through intuitive readings. This is followed by an energetic treatment, where Conny focuses on mending and transmuting any misaligned beliefs, emotional barriers, subconscious energy blockages, and potential illness triggers.

Through this comprehensive approach, Conny assists in awakening the client's inherent healing abilities, aiming for profound personal insight and an uplifted energetic state. The ultimate goal is harmony across all facets of existence.

Price: €80.

Angel-Fairy Healing

Igniting the Inner Light: Journeying Towards Inner

Harmony and Revitalized Energy

Angelic-Fairy Healing unfolds through a meditative journey, grounded in the profound energy of Love, conveyed through intentional prayers to angels and fairies. This unique spiritual practice melds the divine essence of angels with the whimsical vibrations of fairies, crafting a healing voyage that reverberates through various facets of one’s being. It can seamlessly blend into fairy tale healing therapy or stand as a distinct practice. Through this method, a portal to inner wisdom, love, and harmony is unveiled.

Physical Dimension:

Angelic-Fairy Healing assists in liberating stagnant energy blockages, ushering in a sensation of lightness, rejuvenation, and heightened physical vitality.

Emotional Dimension:

The healing voyage aids in transmuting negative emotions, making room for an influx of positive sentiments like joy, tranquility, and love.

Mental Dimension:

This practice bestows a clearer outlook, aiding in dismantling limiting beliefs, fostering a culture of positive thought processes, and gaining clarity.

Spiritual Dimension:

It cultivates a deeper communion with universal love, bolsters intuition, and nurtures the growth of inner wisdom.

A 60-minute Angelic-Fairy Healing session commences with a conversation wherein Conny assists the client in expressing emotions and gaining insight into personal beliefs.

In this holistic manner, Angelic-Fairy Healing extends support in harnessing internal resources to delve into deeper personal awareness, enhance the overall energetic state, and attain harmony across all planes of existence.

Price: €80.

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