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PSiO Light Therapy

A Combination of Stimulating Light and Audio Relaxation

The PSiO® technology presents an innovative, effortless, and effective pathway to achieving optimal inner well-being. It features a combination of glasses and headphones with an integrated mp3 player, delivering a fusion of light stimulation, music, binaural rhythms, nature sounds, and auditory relaxation techniques such as guided meditation or auto-hypnosis with soothing affirmations and suggestions.

Regarded as a potent alternative to antidepressants, anxiolytics, and sleep sedatives, PSiO® fosters resilience against stress, promotes profound rest and rejuvenation, cultivates emotional equilibrium, and facilitates inner tranquility and quality sleep within a minimal timeframe.

Conceptualized and actualized by the Belgium-based company, Psychomed, under the adept leadership of Dr. Stéphane Dumonceau, and in collaboration with the University of Liege, the PSiO® technology has found extensive application in clinical and medical research realms for 30 years—predominantly within hospital recovery rooms and sleep laboratories. Its primary utilization aligns with fostering recovery and regeneration, nurturing a positive mood, ensuring restful and quality sleep, transmuting negative thought patterns into positive ones, and alleviating stress.

Today, illustrious entities like NASA, IBM, Google, and Intel, among many others, employ the PSiO® technology to foster well-being among their personnel. In clinics and dental practices across Belgium and France, PSiO® has been embraced as a valuable tool for the rejuvenation and revitalization of medical professionals including doctors, surgeons, and dentists, as well as for accelerating the recovery of their patients.

NASA harnesses the potential of PSiO® to mitigate jet lag and manage stress among its astronauts.

PSiO emerges as a potent alternative to antidepressants, anxiolytics, and sleep sedatives, embodying a modern approach to promoting mental and emotional well-being.

PSiO technology is principally designed for individuals who:

  • Experience difficulties with sleep
  • Endure accumulated stress
  • Suffer from seasonal depression or low mood
  • Battle chronic fatigue
  • Frequently travel and face challenges with jet lag
  • Are preparing for, or recovering from surgery
  • Seek relief from pain, particularly chronic pain
  • Desire to enhance the quality of their daily living and functioning
  • Aim for personal growth and development
  • Are involved in athletic activities
  • Engage in intellectual work

The price of one PSiO treatment: €50.

If you want to buy your PSiO device or want additional information, contact the PSiO ambassador at the email:

The Spectrum of Light

The cycle of light colors governs the rhythms of biochemical processes within the body, particularly the cycles of hormones and neurotransmitters.

In nature, any biological system residing outdoors is exposed to a predominant blue color in the morning and a predominant red color in the evening.

But why is this the case?

Scientists determine the expansion or contraction of the universe by measuring the movement of stars—whether they are drawing closer or moving apart—by observing the blue or red shift in the spectrum.

In the morning, as the radiant sun approaches the observer regardless of their location on Earth, there's a shift towards blue in the spectrum, resulting in an excess of blue light. Conversely, in the afternoon, as the sun moves away from the observer, a red shift occurs, leading to a predominance of red light.

This cyclical color transition influences the biochemical rhythms within the body, specifically affecting hormones and neurotransmitters. This is notably pertinent to PSiO technology, which plays a role in regulating melatonin (a hormone crucial for quality sleep) to combat insomnia, and serotonin (a neurotransmitter vital for sustaining a good mood) to prevent seasonal depression.


Blue shift refers to the movement of spectral lines towards shorter wavelengths due to the Doppler effect, which involves changes in the observed wavelength of waves based on the relative motion between the source and the observer.

PSiO employs blue light at a wavelength of 470 nm primarily in morning programs to invigorate, awaken, and stimulate, given its ability to inhibit melatonin production.


Red shift denotes the transition of spectral lines towards longer wavelengths or the red portion of the spectrum, occurring when the source of electromagnetic waves recedes.

This cosmic redshift mirrors the broad expansion of the universe, as encapsulated by Hubble's Law which posits that a galaxy's distance and its receding velocity are proportional—meaning farther galaxies move away at greater speeds.

PSiO's red light, at a wavelength of 625 nm, is mainly utilized in evening programs, especially those aimed at fostering sleep and relaxation.


Studies indicate that green light alleviates pain, boasting healing, soothing, and relaxing properties. Therefore, PSiO technology incorporates green light at a wavelength of 528 nm in programs specifically curated to mitigate or relieve chronic pain.

Types of Programs

PSiO technology offers a plethora of programs tailored for various objectives. A majority of these programs are available in French and English, with others provided in German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Having been utilized in Belgium and France for over three decades, this technology has only recently garnered popularity in Western Europe, the USA, and Canada over the past few years. Consequently, numerous programs initially offered in French have been translated primarily into English, with translations into other languages gradually increasing to meet growing demand.

The everyday-use programs are categorized into three segments:

Morning Stimulation - Positive Vision:

This program facilitates a more efficient awakening with appropriate lighting, setting a positive tone for the day ahead through visualization and breathing exercises. It aims to bolster efficiency, creativity, work motivation, and maintain a cheerful mood.

Afternoon Revival – Music and Light Energization:

Designed as brief escapades ranging from 5 to 40 minutes, these sessions provide invigorating rest, colloquially termed 'Powernaps'. They offer rapid and effective rejuvenation, harmonizing music with light stimulation in various colors to refresh the mind.

Evening Wind-down - Relaxing Voices:

Through a blend of pulsating colors, soothing voice affirmations, and tranquil music, these sessions aid in quieting the mind's chatter, paving the way for better sleep quality and restfulness.

Additional Specialty Programs:

Harnessing the dual power of light and hypnotherapy, PSiO technology employs positive suggestions, affirmations, and binaural rhythms (sounds mimicking specific brain frequencies) to subconsciously program thoughts during deeply relaxed, meditative states. These specialty programs yield rapid outcomes and long-term psychophysiological benefits. With consistent usage (e.g., daily for 3 weeks), these changes can solidify, as they influence 95% of the cortex (cerebral cortex), deemed the hub of consciousness.

A multitude of targeted programs are available for:

-Enhancing sleep quality and ease of falling asleep,

-Nurturing creativity,

-Boosting memory retention, focus, and concentration,

-Stress alleviation,

-Alleviating seasonal depression and mood uplift,

-Addiction recovery,

-Addressing functional disorders (e.g., headaches, prenatal, cardio and respiratory relaxation, etc.),

-Clinical applications (pre-surgery, intra-surgery, post-surgery programs, dental procedure relaxation, pain tolerance enhancement, overcoming past and recent psychological traumas, etc.),

-Personal growth and development,

-And much more.

Given this vast array of applications and purposes, PSiO glasses are swiftly becoming a sought-after amenity in modern hotels and wellness centers.

The Multifaceted Applications of PSiO Wellness Therapy

Clinical Use

The esteemed Belgian company, PSYCHOMED, has been at the forefront of medical research for over three decades, leveraging the unique PSiO technology extensively in clinical settings— notably in recovery rooms and sleep laboratories. Additionally, this pioneering technology has been instrumental in reducing the need for anesthesia and sedatives during operations performed under locoregional anesthesia.

Dr. Mickael Litchinko, a distinguished anesthesiologist, and Dr. Patrice Diebold, a renowned surgeon, have been trailblazers since 1989 in conducting surgeries with the aid of PSYCHOMED technology.


PSiO technology incorporates three distinct sleep programs, which, when utilized regularly (at least daily for three consecutive weeks), can alleviate insomnia over the long term or even permanently.

While all PSiO evening programs contribute to improved sleep owing to their relaxation-focused and red light-based design, these three specific programs are highly recommended for individuals grappling with chronic and long-term insomnia.

PSiO glasses emit both continuous and pulsating light, helping establish a natural circadian rhythm while promoting melatonin synthesis, thus facilitating restful sleep.

Seasonal Depression

The color spectrum emitted by PSiO glasses orchestrates the cycles of biochemical processes within the body, particularly influencing the rhythm of hormone and neurotransmitter release. This is crucial for the regulation of melatonin and serotonin levels. Moreover, the concurrent audio program, referred to as an auditory antidepressant, enhances the therapeutic experience.

Seasonal depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), manifests during the dim days of autumn and winter due to insufficient sunlight exposure. It is posited that the root of SAD lies in the altered secretion patterns of melatonin and serotonin—the hormones that govern nocturnal rhythms and contribute to feelings of well-being, respectively.


Jet lag, or sensitivity to time zone changes, is a form of desynchronization within the body triggered by traversing through various time zones. This misalignment manifests as sleep disturbances, a sense of "disorientation," fatigue, and a notable decline in motivation and energy upon reaching the destination, all due to the disruption of inherent physiological rhythms.

Harnessing PSiO technology, which is geared towards regulating the circadian rhythm, can help mitigate these issues through specific programs. The circadian rhythm center resides within the brain, positioned above the optic nerves that relay electrochemical signals from the eyes to the visual regions of the brain. The PSiO glasses, emitting both continuous and pulsating light, aid in re-establishing a natural circadian rhythm, fostering melatonin synthesis, and promoting restful sleep.

Functional Disorders

Functional disorders, also known as "functional somatic syndrome," encompass a range of overlapping syndromes stemming from irregularities in the neurovegetative system without an organic basis.

These disorders fall under the umbrella of vegetative neuroses, or functional disruptions of the autonomic (vegetative) nervous system. This system governs the functioning of various internal organs like the heart, stomach, lungs, kidneys, and liver, whose operations are not subject to conscious control.

The symptoms exhibited can vary based on whether the disorder leans towards the sympathetic or parasympathetic side, indicating either a hyperfunction or hypofunction scenario.

To address the imbalances in the vegetative nervous system, PSiO technology has curated several dedicated programs.

Stress Release

PSiO technology employs light therapy to regulate hormones and elevate mood, while its audio therapy promotes relaxation. Multiple programs have been crafted for these objectives.

The well-being of our body, both physically and mentally, hinges on the preservation of a dynamic equilibrium known as homeostasis. This balance is maintained through the collective functions of the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. When homeostasis is disrupted, we refer to this state as stress. The trigger causing this stress is termed a stressor, which can originate externally or internally and can be either physical or psychological in nature.

Oxidative stress arises when pro-oxidants, such as free radicals, exceed the body's antioxidant defense capabilities.

Who is This Therapy Intended for?


Dr. Jacques Bailly, a sports medicine specialist, says: “I used PSYCHOMED technology personally first, and then on my patients to help them through pain management. I also used the technology when I was in charge of monitoring the football players in Seraing. Even on the bus that took the players to the province of the opposing team, I advocated the use of the device for enhanced stress management before the competition. I recall players then reminding me regularly not to forget to bring the devices so that they could relax before the game! This technology is truly effective and I could not do without it as part of my practice.”

PSIO glasses for sportsmen are designed for:

-Stress management

-Mitigating jet lag issues

-Enhancing concentration and -efficiency

-Bolstering self-confidence

-Elevating mood

-Pain relief and aiding injury recovery

-Improving sleep quality

Sellers and Hoteliers

For Retailers, PSiO glasses offer an array of programs including:

-Four specialized "Sales Mastery" modules aimed at honing sales techniques.

-Six expansive "Money, Wealth & Prosperity" modules that guide on goal setting and nurturing beliefs aligned with achieving success.

-Stress Management for maintaining a balanced work environment.

-Jet Lag Resolution to help in adjusting to different time zones swiftly.

-Concentration and Efficiency ---Enhancement to boost productivity.

-Memory Improvement for sharper recall.

-Self-Confidence Fortification to foster a positive self-image.

-Energizing sessions for revitalizing one's mindset.

-Deep Rest modules for effective relaxation.

-Mood Upliftment to promote a positive outlook.

-Sleep Quality Improvement for a rested and recharged mindset.

For Hoteliers:

Several prestigious hotels, including the Marriott hotel chain in Paris, have integrated PSiO glasses into their rooms and suites as a part of their wellness offering. To provide a distinctive and delightful experience for your guests, consider adding PSiO glasses to your amenities. It's an investment geared towards enhancing the overall quality of your guests' stay.


PSIO glasses for managers offer the following programs:

-stress management

-solving the jet leg problem

-improving concentration and efficiency

-improving memory

-strengthening self-confidence


-deep rest

-improving mood

-improving sleep

Each program is meticulously crafted to cater to the dynamic demands of managerial roles, aiding in not just meeting but exceeding performance benchmarks.

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