Conny Petö Đeneš

Head and Founder of Health Center Harmony in Croatia, since 2006.

  • Modern Healer (Theta Healing & Angel-Fairy Healing)
  • Transpersonal Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner
  • Natural Medicine Therapist (Homeopathy, Bach Flower Therapy, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Bioresonance Therapy)
  • Spiritual Teacher & Meditation Expert
  • Jyotish & Angel Astrologer
  • Book Writer & Columnist
  • Transpersonal Dance Art Healer
  • Transpersonal Paint Artist & Therapist
  • Vegan & Squirrel Lover
  • Lightworker

I was raised in a Catholic and deeply religious household, where attending church was a daily occurrence and I even served as an altar girl. As a child, I found immense fascination in angelic prayers and the teachings of saints. However, as I matured, I came to understand the distinction between religion and spirituality, prompting me to forge a personal connection with God. Through my studies in transpersonal psychology, I delved into a multitude of religious and spiritual philosophies, gaining a profound appreciation for their diversity.

Driven by the yearning for healing and a deeper connection with the divine, I embarked on a personal journey that led me to discover the profound art of soul healing. This path has allowed me to restore balance within myself and explore the enchanting realms of angels, fairies, mermaids, unicorns, ascendant masters, and saints. I firmly believe that as humans, we can find immense healing and enlightenment through our interaction with the angelic realms.

Since childhood, I have possessed a rebellious and independent spirit, always seeking personal experiences to gain understanding and truth rather than blindly accepting knowledge and beliefs handed down by others. My lifelong passion for art, dance, beauty, and spirituality has become an integral part of both my personal and professional life.

My work is not anchored in religious or philosophical doctrines, but rather in principles of equality, embracing people of all genders, ages, races, nationalities, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations. I advocate for nonviolence, socially responsible behavior, and foster an environment of tolerance and acceptance of individual differences.

In my holistic approach, I skillfully integrate my knowledge and wisdom from various disciplines, including transpersonal psychology, spirituality, psychotherapy, natural medicine, and art. This eclectic blend enables me to provide a compassionate and comprehensive service, prioritizing the well-being of those I work with.

Through my experience in Theta Healing & Angel Healing, I have witnessed numerous transformative healings. I have come to recognize that by altering one's beliefs, individuals can experience profound fulfillment, happiness, and success in their daily lives. My mission is to empower others to take responsibility for their actions, emotions, and thoughts, helping them identify and overcome their "inner saboteur." I guide them in awakening their deepest desires and needs, fostering autonomy and authenticity.

For several years, I dedicated myself to the NGO sector, engaging in artistic, therapeutic, humanitarian, and voluntary work in the cities of Vukovar and Osijek. Presently, I extend my services to people worldwide through Skype sessions while being based in Poreč. I am fluent in both Croatian and English, with a solid understanding of the German language.

In my free time, I immerse myself in various activities that nourish my soul. I engage in writing books and columns, indulging in dance and painting, practicing yoga and transcendental meditation, as well as the TM Siddhi program. Nature walks allow me to reconnect with the world around me, while caring for squirrels fills me with joy. Spiritual and psychological literature has a special place in my heart, but my affection for angels and fairies holds a particular allure.

As for my core beliefs, I wholeheartedly embrace the following:

My birthplace: Earth with no boundaries

Religion: Love, the essence that binds us all

Political conviction: Freedom and decentralization (non-political)

Lifestyle: Vegan – "We are all One"

Working place: Lightworker in a Global Country of World Peace

Transpersonal Psychology,

Natural Medicine, Healing

Art, Spirituality

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