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Conny Petö Đeneš - Harmony

Conny Petö Đeneš

Head and Founder of Health Center Harmony in Croatia, since 2006.

I was born and raised in Osijek, where my love for nature and animals began in childhood. From an early age, I rescued kittens, birds, lizards, earthworms, and bugs. I've always felt a deep empathy for creatures in distress; for example, I could never ignore a struggling bug on its back without helping it. My lifelong habit of feeding birds, combined with my upbringing in Slavonia where everyone is eating meat, naturally led me to embrace vegetarianism, and I have been a vegan since year 2002. Over time, I earned the nicknames 'forest fairy' and 'small animal whisperer.'

Professionally, I am a transpersonal psychologist, healer, and natural medicine therapist. My interest in spirituality, psychology, and art, particularly painting, began at the age of 15, and by 18, I was actively engaged in these fields.

In 2006, I founded an association in Vukovar. In collaboration with the European House Vukovar, then led by Prof. Ljiljana Gehrecke, Ph.D., I began working with women and girls in Vukovar and Osijek, initiating projects like 'Healthy and Happy Woman' and 'Therapeutic Dance for Girls and Women.' I also played a significant role in the Ecosana project under Ljiljana Gehrecke’s leadership. Concurrently, I served as the president of the Association BOSINO (Care of the Old and Infirm), focusing on the welfare of vulnerable individuals in Vukovar and its environs, and collaborated with the Nado Policlinic and the Slanovic Institution in Osijek in the fields of natural medicine and therapeutic dance.

Over the years, my involvement in the non-governmental sector has been substantial, with a focus on artistic, therapeutic, humanitarian, and volunteer work in Vukovar and Osijek.

My educational journey has taken me through Croatia and internationally to Spain, Austria, England, and the USA. I've completed studies in transpersonal psychology and sexology, specializing in the care of abused women. Additionally, I've pursued education in psychoneuroimmunology, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and jyotish-ayurvedic counseling. My certifications also include NLP (neurolinguistic programming), AVP (alternative to violence), IMEDIS bioresonance, ASTROMED, a one-year program for psychological counseling, Atlas Therapy, Theta healing, a two-year program in transpersonal hypnosis and hypnotherapy, transaction analysis TA 101, and virtual therapy. Furthermore, I've enriched my skills with various dance and art education, which I've integrated into my work.

In 2011, I moved to Poreč and have since been running Health Center Harmony and small business Harmonija, providing therapeutic services and consultations. I use my expertise to benefit the residents of Istria and offer global assistance through Skype consultations in Croatian and English. Additionally, I am a health columnist for Parentium Media and editor of the Harmonija portal.

In my leisure time, I write books and columns, dance, and paint under the mentorship of Eugen Varzić. My regular activities include yoga, transcendental meditation, the TM sidhi program, and Argentine tango, which I practice under Elio Bašan at the Dansel dance school. Nature walks and caring for squirrels are among my joys, as are reading spiritual and psychological literature. My work and life are greatly inspired by my fascination with angels and fairies.

My work is not anchored in religious or philosophical doctrines, but rather in principles of equality, embracing people of all genders, ages, races, nationalities, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations. I advocate for nonviolence, socially responsible behavior, and foster an environment of tolerance and acceptance of individual differences.

In my holistic approach, I skillfully integrate my knowledge and wisdom from various disciplines, including transpersonal psychology, spirituality, psychotherapy, natural medicine, and art. This eclectic blend enables me to provide a compassionate and comprehensive service, prioritizing the well-being of those I work with.

As a therapist, I infuse authenticity and soul into every facet of my endeavor, valuing a genuine connection with those I assist. I am here as a companion for the misunderstood, the empaths, the gentle and artistic souls, and all those who retain the honest wonder and imagination of children. Whether you yearn for transformation, enhanced life quality, or simply a kindred understanding, I am here to walk with you, every step of the way, on the voyage to the most enriched version of yourself.

Driven by the yearning for healing and a deeper connection with the divine, I embarked on a personal journey that led me to discover the profound art of soul healing. This path has allowed me to restore balance within myself and explore the enchanting realms of angels, fairies, mermaids, unicorns, ascendant masters, and saints. I firmly believe that as humans, we can find immense healing and enlightenment through our interaction with the angelic realms.

Since childhood, I have possessed a rebellious and independent spirit, always seeking personal experiences to gain understanding and truth rather than blindly accepting knowledge and beliefs handed down by others. My lifelong passion for art, dance, beauty, and spirituality has become an integral part of both my personal and professional life.

Through my experience in Theta Healing & Angel Healing, I have witnessed numerous transformative healings. I have come to recognize that by altering one's beliefs, individuals can experience profound fulfillment, happiness, and success in their daily lives. My mission is to empower others to take responsibility for their actions, emotions, and thoughts, helping them identify and overcome their "inner saboteur." I guide them in awakening their deepest desires and needs, fostering autonomy and authenticity.

As for my core beliefs, I wholeheartedly embrace the following:

My birthplace: Earth with no boundaries

Religion: Love, the essence that binds us all

Political conviction: Freedom and decentralization (non-political & pacifist)

Lifestyle: Vegan – "We are all One"

Working place: Lightworker in a Global Country of World Peace

In a world often dominated by speed, materialism, and chaos, my heart seeks to cultivate peace, love, and spiritual connection. I firmly believe in the extraordinary potential each of us holds to grow, heal, and realize our dreams. We all possess an inner light that can guide us through darkness, bringing hope and joy.

My purpose is to guide, support, and inspire people on their life's journey. I aspire for everyone to experience the strength and beauty of their soul, to forge a connection with their inner selves, and to uncover their unique gifts and life's purpose. In my work, I am committed to empowering individuals to take control of their lives, embrace love and compassion, and live with authenticity and bravery.

My philosophy in life is straightforward: love is the fundamental key. This includes love for oneself, for others, and for our world. I hold the conviction that love is the most potent force capable of transforming lives and bringing about positive change. In a world rife with challenges and uncertainties, love is our guiding light towards inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

Therefore, let us keep our hearts open, our minds enlightened, and our hands extended in love and support to one another. Let us journey forward with hope and faith, embracing our interconnectedness and the knowledge that our unique lights can brighten the world.

Thank you for being an integral part of my life's journey. Together, may our stories, imbued with love, spirituality, and healing, craft a beautiful conclusion to the narrative of our lives.

Transpersonal Psychology,

Natural Medicine, Healing

Art, Spirituality

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